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Did you know that the construction of the largest solar farm in Canada has been approved?

As you can see very good news has been released for our province, due it seems like that finally its going to go for the diversification of energy and fuel production.

As you will have evidenced, in recent weeks there has been much talking regarding about the serious intentions of the city of Edmonton about reducing the carbon footprint emitted annually and that is why the approval of the aforementioned project could not have been disclosed in a better moment.

The announcement delivered by Dan Balaban, president and CEO of Greengate Power Corporation, reported that the Calgary-based company received regulatory approval to build a massive solar farm in southern Alberta, a facility rated or defined as the largest of its kind in Canada.

This solar farm will be built in Vulcan County, will have 1.5 million solar panels and provide enough electricity to power 100,000 homes.

The $ 500 million project will be located on 1,900 hectares of grazing land near the town of Lomond in Vulcan County.

It should be noted that Greengate Power Corp., has already developed about 600 MW of wind power projects in Alberta-Ontario, and plans to begin the construction of its Solar Travers project in 2020.

It is projected that this construction will generate 400 MW of electricity, making it one of the largest operating solar energy projects in the world.

The construction is expected to take place over the next two years and this wind project will provide the creation of "several hundred" jobs, with approximately a dozen permanent jobs after the solar farm begins operation in 2021.

Balaban in his press conference mentioned: "We anticipate that Travers Solar will bring significant investments, jobs, clean and renewable energy to Alberta.

"At the same time it will help strengthen the province's position as a world leader in energy and the environment."

It is worth mentioning that the Greengate Power company is also the developer behind the 300 MW Blackspring Ridge Wind Project, currently the largest wind power project in operation in Canada.

As you can see, we can literally say that: "winds of hope" are close to the economy of our beautiful province.