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"Blackfish": The Documentary that "SeaWorld" doesnt want you to watch.

In 2013 during the Sundance Festival, CNN Films and Magnolia Pictures released the Blackfish Documentary.

This film focused on “Tilikum”, a killer whale that was hunted in the ‘80s on the pacific coast of Iceland. It was afterwards moved to the SeaWorld Park to be trained for one of the aquatic shows.

Tilikum played a major role in this industry because it was fertilized to reproduce other whales. Later those calves (baby whales) were sold to other parks. An as you can imagine this is the same whale that killed her trainer Dawn Brancheau in February 2010.

In 83 minutes you will have the possibility to appreciate the controversy generated between the entertainment business offered by SeaWorld and the hunting and captivity of these creatures.

The documentary begins with the full testimony of a few SeaWorld ex-trainers, who remember their professional experience while they were taking care of those animals. After they describe the unsafe orcas’ living conditions, and it becomes clear that these wild animals shouldn’t be living in captivity.

This ex SeaWorld crew also mentions two more incidents related to the same whale, which prove that the death and mutilation of Brancheau wasn’t an isolate incident.

The remarkable documentary had a great reception by the audience, and after its release the media transmission had such a great impact that until today the Sea World has been experiencing huge loss estimated in $15.9 millions of dollars.

You can watch the trailer absolutely free by clicking the following link.