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Did you know that today there are houses made of 100% recycled plastic?

It seems that during this year 2020, more than ever before, the need to innovate and redesign the world that we have built up to now has become evident.

Responding to this need is that a Colombian company has developed a new technology for the construction of permanent or temporary homes, shelters, classrooms, community rooms, roads, shelters for animals, among others.

Through this initiative, it is possible to reduce carbon emissions, make productive use of the excessive and accumulated production of plastic at a global level, as well as provide transit or permanent housing for people in street conditions.

This technology contributes to the reduction of global warming, at the same time that it allows reducing the gap of extreme poverty, for which the implementation of it has been positively highlighted for its high impact: social, economic and environmental.

For the construction of these houses, it is only necessary that the recycled plastic waste is melted and poured into a mold to produce plastic blocks that in practice function as Lego pieces, which later allows communities or families to participate in a very easy in building and assembling your own homes.

It is worth mentioning that the construction material obtained after this process are: resistant to fire, earthquakes, insulating temperatures, and also allows installing safe electrical connections.

Finally, this new construction system is widely open and in search of businessmen and entrepreneurs willing to get involved, because although the raw material is available in all corners of the world, there are still not enough companies involved to satisfy market needs.