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Did you know that women in Canada receive an average 25% lower salary than men?

This was announced by the study recently published by ADP Canada.

The online survey taken to 815 Canadians engaged in full-time and part-time roles was conducted using the Leger online panel.

The investigation concluded that Canadian women earn an average of $49,721 per year compared to a $ 66,504 per year registered for men who hold the same job position.

This means that Canadian women receive a remuneration 25 percent lower than men and the gap widens even more when it comes to the distribution of bonuses, benefits or active participation in the profits obtained annually by the company.

Unfortunately, women also receive almost a third less than men in general terms, while women report an average monthly income of $ 3,912 compared to the average income recorded by men of an amount amounting to $ 5,823 dollars per month.

The online survey conducted by Leger Research also found that there were more women at the lower end of the salary spectrum, since 26 percent of women reported earning less than $ 30,000 annually compared to only 14 percent of men who get that same income.

The perception of equal pay also differed between men and women, since 62% of women said they believe that compensation is equal in their workplace compared to 80% of men who perceive it.

Although the political - governmental feminist agenda of: “Justin Trudeau” has led to change, there is still a need to achieve greater equity and parity in the national labor market.

As you know this situation also occurs in our countries of origin, so for Latinos it does not turn out to be a big surprise , but for a country that tops the lists of quality of life and development this situation is not minor and that why different strategies are being created and implemented in order to reduce the differentiating margin between genders.

Although the female gender in the last 50 years has achieved greater prominence, participation and development in the labor field than in the entire rest of the mankind history, after this newly published study it is clear that much remains to be done to achieve the precious: "equality", which is talked about all the time and to which the first world aspires so much.