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Did you know that the new movie of the "Ghostbusters" will be film at Calgary City?

That's right, a new movie of the Ghostbusters will be filmed and the location chosen for this effect has been the beautiful city of: "Calgary".

Damian Petti, president of the film workers union IATSE 212, confirmed this past Thursday, February 23, 2019, that the Sony film production company announced that it intends to film the project in Calgary during the current year 2019.

The film will be a continuation of the original 1984 shoot and the follow-up of 1989, Ghostbusters II, and not a sequel of the 2016 female remake, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Jason Reitman will direct and co-write the film. It is planned that in this way the popularity of the original classic will be resuscitated, with the new production entitled: "Rust City", officially will launch for the year 2020.

A fact not minor; is that his father, Ivan Reitman, was the director of both original films of The Ghostbusters.

If you are interested in learning more about the new production, you should know that a trailer for the project was launched last month on ghostbusters.com and on the official YouTube channel Ghostbusters.

All these news have been released just in time, because the year 2019 marks the 35th anniversary of the original Ghostbusters.

Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Harold Ramis starred in the original film, but it is unknown if Murray, participated in this saga and even if this means that Bill Murray will visit the city of southern Alberta.

Aykroyd or Hudson are confirmed in the 2020 project. (Ramis, on the other hand, evidently will not participate since he died in 2014).

In this regard Joel Senick explained that the film will offer opportunities to both fans and those who work in the fragile film industry of Alberta.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Alberta, 136 projects have been launched in the province since October 2017, when the subsidy to the productions destined for the giant screen was launched.

Officials said that in Alberta more than $ 260 million was spent on those projects with an additional $ 105 million in non-labor related expenses.

Senick noted that: "They have turned to all political parties to commit to work with the industry to build a more stable incentive program, because when a jurisdiction has a healthy film industry, there are many other benefits in the economy."

For my part and personally, I think that diversifying the economy of Calgary is an excellent option, and that it is going to make another film of this saga seems to me simply remarkable.