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Did you know that Canada occupies the first position in the Global list of better quality of life?

As you read, Canada is the number "1" in quality of life in the world, according to the latest study published by: "US News and World Report", who are in charge of the Report of the Best Countries of the Year 2019, study produced by the BAV Group and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

The publication of the global report that classifies the best countries in the world, highlighted that Canada is positioning the list in terms of quality of life, mainly due to its: prestige, heritage and economic stability.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, asked 20,300 respondents from 36 countries in America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa to qualify 80 countries, with respect to 65 attributes.

The attributes were grouped into categories, such as: adventure, citizenship, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, heritage, health, innovation, technology, open to trade, power and quality of life.

In the ranking "Switzerland" leads the list of positions, it has become the undisputed leader, with the best reputation in the world.

In the same way for the third consecutive year, "Switzerland" occupied the first place, with a high score in areas of business, quality of life, cultural influence and international neutrality.

As a complementary evaluation, the report asked consumers to identify the countries with the best reputation for products, goods and services.

In that category the results were the following:

Germany: positioned itself as the most reliable nation in terms of car manufacturing, medical care and pharmaceutical products.

France: stood out as a leader in cosmetics, beauty and fashion.

Italy: received the best grades in food and wine production.

United Kingdom: representative of the best education.

Japan: Leader in technology and electronics.

Next, we invite you to review the main statistics, and the best results obtained in the report the best countries of 2019.

A-Better countries of the world. 1.Switzerland 2. Japan 3. Canada 4.Germany 5. United Kingdom 6.Sweden 7.Australia 8. United States 9. Norway 10.France

B-Better Quality of life. 1. Canada 2.Sweden 3-Denmark

C-Best country to start a business. 1. Thailand 2. India 3.China

D-Most powerful countries. 1. United States 2.Russia 3.China

E-Better country for women. 1.Sweden 2-Denmark 3- Canada

F-Countries with the best education. 1. United Kingdom 2. United States 3. Canada

G-Better countries where to retire or retire. 1.New Zealand 2.Switzerland 3.Australia

As you can see "Canada" appears repeatedly in the ranking, occupying the first or third position within it.

Now the first position achieved is very important, since having the best quality of life globally implies having a good labor market, affordable and stable economy.

Possess a family-friendly society, with equal income, a politically stable and secure environment, a well-developed public education system, as well as a public and universal health system.

Congratulations Canada there is no doubt that you have done an excellent job.