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Did you know that from Friday 20July to Sunday 29 July, 2018, Edmonton will celebrate K-Days?

-The great annual exhibition of 10 consecutive days will be held as usual in the Northlands Park, located on the south side of the Colosseum.

If you have never attended this great event, let me inform you that this is the perfect occasion to participate in the biggest festival of Edmonton city, which has incredible rides, live entertainment, gastronomic dishes from all around the world , rodeo, musical shows among other attractions.

It is estimated that in recent years the great outdoor fair previously known as "Klondike Days" and "Edmonton's Capital Ex", has attracted an average of 750,000 visitors a year.

The origins of this exhibition go back to October 15, 1879 when the agricultural society of Edmonton organized the first local exhibition in Fort Edmonton.

This first fair showed with great pride a variety of livestock, grains, vegetables and handicrafts produced locally, which attracted a huge crowd for its time, a registered number of 500 people.

In 1893, the organization held the first spring exhibition of the city.

Then in 1899, the fairgrounds moved to Rossdale Flats (now Edmonton Ballpark).

The first public parade to promote the fair was held in 1903.

Already in 1904, the attendance of the exhibition exceeded 20,000 people (with a record of 5,200 people on the opening day). Reason why I end up being relocated to their current site in Northlands in 1910.

Due to its success in 1912 it was decided to extend its duration to six days.

It should be noted that this festival continued to be held during the First World War, despite the fact that the facilities were available to the Canadian army. A similar situation occurred during World War II, although this time it was with Royal Canadian aviation forces.

It is important to note that the fair was called: "Edmonton Exhibition" from its foundation in 1879 until 1964, when it was renamed: "Klondike Days".

The name change coincided with the introduction of Klondike Gold Rush, as the gold rush had taken place several hundred miles northwest and therefore Edmonton was a mandatory stopping point for gold seekers heading to the Yukon Territory .

Klondike Days was a name change widely accepted, records indicate that the public embraced the subject with joy, dressing in period costumes for the inaugural parade. Later in 2006 the name was modified by: "Capital Ex". This change implied great controversy and in fact a large part of the population continued referring to the exhibition as Klondike Days or K-Days.

Ken Knowles, president of Northlands, explained that the change of brand "... was much more than a change of name, because it was about making a change in the programming, to take the opportunity to show the best of the region and the Province ".

The name change was recognized in 2007 at the Alberta Tourism Awards.

Unfortunately, this latest change was met with protest and excitement from citizens. Some felt that the name change was unnecessary, while others felt that it was time to end the "traditional themes" citing that there was no longer any interest in dressing up in the Klondike theme during the exhibition.

After the bustling controversy in 2012, Northlands announced that the name of Capital Ex would be removed, and a new name would be chosen, on this occasion the new name would be chosen by public vote.

Those attending the event chose the name: "K-Days" from a total of six previously selected names. (The original name of Klondike Days was not one of the six options available)

This is how the new name of the fair was announced on July 29, 2012.

Now for the great celebration of this year 2018 the tickets are already on sale, have a cost of $ 15.00 dollars in pre-sale or advance sale until July 19, 2018.

From July 20, 2018 onward, at the main entrance door, the values ​​are $ 20.00 per adult ticket, $ 18.00 per ticket for youth and / or older adults, and children have free access.

Now that you know the origins, evolution and access prices of this spectacular exhibition, I invite you to attend, because without a doubt, "K-Days is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the summer weather outdoors, as well as create memories that will last forever in your memory. "