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Did you know that there are three scientifically proven keys to being happy every day!

Without a doubt the search for happiness is an unknown and intrinsic desire of humanity.

Most people spend much of their lives in this search without realizing that "happiness" is a state that is achieved in our interior and not abroad or thanks to external circumstances.

While this is especially difficult in times of crisis, we invite you to review the following tips that can help you cope with a complicated situation.


Life is one and too short for us to naively hope for that perfect moment, in which we believe that happiness will come down from heaven, and enter our life in the form of money, opportunity, person, and so on. Happiness is a journey much longer than that, deeper, and more comforting, by the way.

It is a daily decision to be happy, and like any other habit, requires a constant commitment to internalize it.

Therefore it is advisable to stop looking for happiness, and start to live happiness.


This affects us all, because the paradigm of success is still installed in our society.

Cultural and social pressure in this regard has led us to believe that a title, a role, a position in a company, a giant check at the end of the month, a project that works, is what gives us happiness.

But what would we be then, if all that disappears? Actually, the check, the position, the project is not bad.

What is wrong is to condition our life, and our "happiness" to that, because they are too fleeting and fleeting questions to function as the sole support of our life.

That is why, the road to success is completely opposite to what we believe, and even you can get a lot, but much more than we imagine, if we walk in this way.

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, then you will be successful. "- Albert Schweitzer

Whoever does things every day to be able to be in peace, in fullness and to live moments of happiness, can triumph in the rest of the challenges of life: in relationships, in work, in family, etc.

According to a study by Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., of the University of California, this indicates that when people feel happy, they tend to be optimistic, energetic and have confidence in themselves, which leads to the rest finding to these people more pleasant, sociable and reliable.

These aspects expand the opportunities to: realize a business, to successfully accomplish goals, to create or develop new things, even to meet a couple, make more friends, etc.

So to be happier, try to leave that blind ambition, since the check will come, the car, and the status, will also come, if you first find the passion, the fullness in who you are and you do.


Happiness is like a beautiful disease or virus that spreads around us.

Being with positive people, grateful, enthusiastic, spreads well-being, and we transmit that special energy, that allows the day surrounded by them, be more pleasant, comforting, and even more productive.

A study by BMJ Group concludes that the happiness of people, depends to a great extent on the happiness of the people with whom it connects, and may even be a collective phenomenon.

Therefore, it is necessary to know who will be at our side, since the influence both positive and negative, is very great.

Is not it exhausting to be around people who just complain, or anything makes them sad, or feel dissatisfied with their life, transferring that frustration with little patient, unfriendly and selfish attitudes?

These people, unfortunately, do nothing more than pull us down, because it seems that nothing is perfect for them, not too good, satisfactory, cute, fair, promising, secure, etc.

Positive and optimistic people, do not deny problems, or an unpleasant reality, but have enough personal security, self-love, to know that they can change the course of things, and transform a sad, painful, or a failure , in an experience that will make us wiser, or stronger to keep moving forward.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow and learn as if you were to live forever" Mahatma Gandhi.

In the same way, keep in mind that nothing lasts forever, therefore, if you are going through a bad time, this is "passenger" and not "permanent".

Lastly, what do you think if we just give it a shot and from today we just decide to be happy?