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Did you know that Alberta is already working on establishing regulations for Cannabis lounges?

Good news has been released recently as the city of Edmonton is already working on changing the zoning regulations for the establishment of cannabis lounges.

All of this is part of the plan of action that is in full planning process with the goal of receiving the legalization of Marijuana in the best way possible in July 2018.

In a report delivered by the city council, the administration stated that: "These proposed amendments are a proactive step to prepare for next year."

The new classification of which is spoken is intended to differentiate this use from other uses, such as:

-Eat Y -To drink.

Which are already defined in the Regulation of Zoning # 12800, example of them are: restaurants, lounge, bar and neighborhood pubs.

Some other issues that are already being worked on are "the establishment of the correct price", as well as "the determination of public places or establishments for consumption."

These issues are already under observation, as we have taken as an example the experience of other jurisdictions that have already gone through these implementation processes, such as: Denver, United States.

Based on the experience and transition of that city, it has been considered necessary to provide specific places in which tourists use cannabis.

In order to integrate and accommodate this activity to existing laws, it is necessary to create "cannabis rooms", which will have a specific legal classification.

If passed, changing statutes does not mean that cannabis lounges will be mandatory or that they will necessarily be established, but taking into account that legalization is very close is an aspect that should be considered.

It should be mentioned that each province is responsible for establishing the rules on where and how cannabis is sold, as well as the places designated for consumption.

The Government of Alberta will be engaged during the summer period to consult the public through open surveys and roundtable discussions.

All this in order to release a specific project on cannabis this fall.

Through this we can conclude that we will have to work more deeply on subjects such as: zoning, development permits and separation distances.

Alberta stands out because it plans to have everything prepared.

According to the work already done, it should be noted that the amendments to the statute will also include a new use called "retail sales of cannabis".

The report says this will make it clear that these products will not be sold in convenience stores or general stores.

These amendments will also ensure that future regulations for these uses can be applied from the outset, rather than creating the potential for "non-conforming legal uses to result after federal legalization," the report said.

The study noted that the city has already received 25 inquiries from people wishing to set up cannabis dispensaries.

It also point out that the city does not intend to get involved with people who grow marijuana at home, since that aspect is fully covered by the proposed federal legislation.

In any case, the city administration mentioned that for preventive security plans to monitor this aspect.

As you can see we are already in the countdown of the legalization of cannabis throughout the Canadian territory.

While you may be in: "against or in favour", there is no doubt that being socially and legally prepared is an excellent option and initiative that is fortunately already being carried out by the governors of our province