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New studies indicate that the city of: "Edmonton" is going through deep  changes.

To well understand the results of the recent study of the city, first of anything we will like to invite you to discard the "stereotypes", because without a doubt, Edmonton has changed.

Here are some of the most important changes: 1- Greater number of immigrants in society. 2- More women in the population. 3- Greater number of domestic animals, specifically: dogs in the city.

The new records have been established thanks to the Years Vital Sign Report 2016.

After the publication of the results, Elizabeth Bonkink of the Edmonton Community Foundation, a company that develops the study every year, declares: "Without a doubt you can see that the city structure is mutating."

Then she added: "Two big indications are the increase in the female population compared to the male population." "And the most decisive turn, is that demographically it shows that couples are not having children, so definitely our way of life is changing compare with the anthropologically known."

-After the statements mentioned above, I would like to invite you to reflect on this in order to help you understand that historically, that is, from the first immigrants settled in the city, the trend was towards the family, therefore having many children and raising them was basically the rule, but in recent years studies have shown that the current trend is toward "couples without children, according to it there was a large increase between couples living together and having no dependants."

In the same way I would like to dwell on a very important comparative data regarding the immigrant population, as these make up the vast majority of the workforce, about 49,930 people moved to this city between 2007 and 2011, with this objective.

Now beyond prejudices, it should be noted that these studies show that 61% of immigrants have post secondary - college or university education, in addition to degrees or certificates of higher education, compared to the same category, where only 54% of Canadians Educational level.

The records also show that the city has been definitively affected due to the economic crisis, affecting a larger population than in any previous crisis.

This has been demonstrated by the high number of people who are claiming monthly unemployment insurance.

Finally, another piece of information that confirms this comes from the Food Bank, which has experienced an increase in its use around 20%.

If you are a new resident of the city or rather a new immigrant who has recently arrived in "Edmonton", the capital of the Province of Alberta we hope that the above information will help you to better understand our city, and the place to which you want to insert yourself.

Now if that is indeed your case, you must know that there is something in the city that will never change and that is: "the passion that exists for hockey", which is the official sport of this country.

The team of the city is called "Oilers", and the recent opening of the new event centre or arena, called "Rogers Place", has also been been the perfect opportunity to unveiled the team's new official mascot.

The mascot is nothing more and nothing less than a "Lynx" and his name is: "Wild", in memory of Bill Hunter, who was the Official Owner of the Team: "The Alberta Oilers".

Hunter joined the Western Hockey Association in 1972, which is why the pet's jersey will wear the number 72 on his back.

The goal of the new pet's launch is basically to make closer ties with the Edmonton community, in addition to that the pet is expected to make appearances in hospitals, festivals, schools, and any other community events.

After all this information, then please feel welcome to our beloved city of Edmonton.