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How Canada has been affected by the terrorism attacks of Paris-France?

Friday November 13, 2015, it was a night that the city of Paris will never forget.

That night: "The City of Lights", was plunged into a "deepest darkness", after the coordinated terrorism attacks in six different locations of the city, the one what ended the lives of 137 people, more than 352 people injured , and left 99 of them in critically conditions.

The brutal terrorism acts were committed by "ISIS", the radical Islamic Jihad movement who few hours later claimed the authority of them affirming that: "they are only the beginning of the storm" that will devastate France while they do not change their policy in the Middle East.

Yes you read it right; "Middle East", after this result very legitimate to ask to yourself whats the relationship of our country with the decisions and actions taken in those distant geographical areas.

Well the first thing you need to understand is that our country is facing a situation that keeps strict correspondence with the Middle East.

Because the current Primer Minister: Justin Trudeau during his recent election campaign promised to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to our country, aiming to welcome them and insert them into society before the new year.

This promise still pending, in that context quickly became a stone on the shoes for the "Parliament" and "Society".

The first to respond were the conservatives who were always questioned the measure and now have opposed conclusively stating that future immigrants can be frontline terrorists.

This claim was supported for the most incredible and unthinkable arguments against humanitarian aid proposed by the current Liberal Government.

On the other hand, many people who have already committed to helping Syrian families, it also began to manifest through government institutions, social services and even churches were they have already completed forms and arranged their homes as a temporary residence for the Syrian outsiders.

The various discussions and views were exposed daily in the social media.

Until now a very important ingredient was missing, which concerned to a formal statement by the Prime Minister which would answer each of these questions and finalize the hermetic silence he kept in conjuntion with his Cabinet.

Finally a report was delivered, in there it was stated that the committee consists of nine Ministers headed by Health Minister Jane Philpott with the Minister for Heritage: Mélanie Joly who serves as Vice-President, he will oversee the task of bringing to 25,000 refugees from Syria.

The Government, as confirmed by the Immigration and Refugee Minister John McCallum, that the agencies will coordinate the selection and will obtain the necessary permits for the refugees.

The 25,000 refugees will be sponsored by the government , with the money raised through taxes. (And the Interim Federal Health Program will be fully restore as well).

Immediate aid of $ 100 million dollars as a contribution to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in order to support critical relief activities in the region will be provide.

A very important point it was mentioned is that the current government wants to end the practice of appointing inexperienced people on immigration departments. And also plans to create a Human Rights Group of Experts to facilitate this process.

Regarding those Syrian candidates with family in Canada, they will be affected positively as the budget for the processing family class immigration visas, in order to speed up processing times doubling those applications.

Also the number of new applications accepted each year for parents and grandparents were also increased, from 5,000 to 10,000 applications applications.

Similarly conditional status of two years between spouses will be reduced. Instead, it is immediately replaced by the permanent residence status for these people.

Notably, the plan unveiled fortunately answers to the main questions expressed by the society in respect of social security, and it addresses two fundamental issues such as:

-The health check status of the candidates who will arrive in Canada .


-The Security checks of the applicants history. (Popularly known as background check).

Finally it was reported that until today, more than 1,000 permanent residences has been issued confirming that the plan still stands, but for security reasons the aforementioned deadlines will be extended, therefore Canada only will receive "10,000 Syrian refugees in December 2015, and the remaining 15,000 will arrive in February 2016", as indicated for our Honorable Prime Minister.

As you can see then, the terrorism attacks that occurred in the old continent are closely related to social contingency and policy of our country.

Undoubtedly, these violent acts were able to turn on a huge debate about immigration policies and humanitarian aid, that Canada intends to provide in these times of crisis.