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Calgary for the second year recognized as: "The Best Fifth  City to live  around the World".

The prestigious publication "The Economist" has published the results of their annual survey.

An investigation involving 140 cities globally, which placed "Canada" as the third best country in the world to live.

In the top ten are: 1-Australia, Melbourne 2-Austria, Vienna 3-Canada, Vancouver 4-Canada, Toronto 5-Canada, Calgary 5-Australia, Adelaide 7-Australia, Sydney 8- Australia, Perth 9. New Zealand, Auckland 10, Finland, Helsinki 10, Switzerland, Zurich

Now in "Canada" the three previous cities mentioned (Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary) repeated its presence in the top five of the best cities to reside.

The factors considered by "The Economist" for the preparation of the annual report mainly lie in the following points: 1 Stability of the city over the previous year. 2- Health System. 3- education and infrastructure 4- Culture and Environment

The city of Calgary has been tagged as a business community that advances and offers great options at the cultural level, but it is in this area that work must continue because "culture and environment" is the weakest point of his statistics, as well as : extreme temperature changes that the city has.

According to "The Economist" grades earned by each city were very similar percentage between them. But without a doubt, the top positions are reached for those cities that acomplish three simple factors: - A medium size. - Low population density. - In countries of great wealth.

The media, after disclosure the expected report explained that due to the current contingency, unfortunately most of the countries evaluated, do not show promising changes from the previous year.

Some topics directly related to this claim for example are: -The Problems and instability in the Middle East, examples are the conflicts in Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan and all those involved in the rebel movement known as the Arabic Spring.

-The Austerity in Europe, in particularity the Greek economy, just as the terrorist attacks that occurred recently in France, case Charlie Hebdo.

-The Instability and ambiguity generated by the Eurasian territory dispute between Russia and Ukraine.

-Finally the general discontent that has been taking in large emerging countries such as China.

In this climate of imminent war and hostility that has recently sparked a global level, it is noteworthy that the threat of an armed conflict not only causes damage in its own environment, but also affects the infrastructure, hospitals collapsed, affecting the existence of goods and services as well as performing recreational activities.

Fortunately, as mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, the people of Calgary can breathe deeply and peacefully, as the city is far from that harsh reality, quite the contrary is positively known for his non-violent environment, low crime rates and absence of civil insurgency, terrorism or war.