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Canada: "The Best Reputation Country" in the world.

For the fourth time in six years Canada achieved the first position in the survey that determines the country with the best reputation in the world.

The factors that determine this result lie in the range of favorable proposals related to: the environment, politics and economics.

The study asserts that Canada is perceived as a country with a honest government, non-corrupted, with an excellent well fare system which supports unemployed or people in need, finishing with a friendly, reliable and peaceful attitude population.

Canada is consistently selected as one of the best countries to live and is perceived as a country that seemed not to have been significantly affected by the economical recession; it was also highlighted as a very good country in terms of tourism, because there is a direct relationship between the reputation of a country and the intend to visit it.

Tourism factor is a fundamental aspect of the economy and recent figures estimate that over the past year generated 81.9 billion, and for this year will grow around of 3.1 percent.

The study by the Private Reputation Institute, which has offices in New York and Copenhagen includes 55 countries around the globe.

This time, surveyed more than 48.000 residents of the G8 countries between February and March using online surveys.

The group of "G8" refers to the 8 most industrialized nations in the world, these countries are: Germany, England, Japan, USA, France, Canada, Italy and Russia, all of them conduct an annual meeting in order to address issues such as : economic growth, crisis management, global security, energy and terrorism.

In addition to this, and with the intention of magnifier the sample, thirty thousand people outside the G8, but from countries of large economies such as India, China, and Brazil were also surveyed.

The Reputation Institute also conducts another survey that relates to the opinion held by citizens regarding their own countries; in this case Australia was ranked first, followed by Canada in second place after Russia, India, Germany and the US in sixth place.

The country that drew a huge attention to the difference between the opinion among their residents compared to the international perception was: Russia, who self-denominated their country in the position number three as the country with the best reputation, (internal evaluation), obtaining the position number 52 of 55 compared to the same assessment to non-residents persons of the Russian territory. (external evaluation).

In conclusion Russia reached the position number 52 followed by Pakistan, Iran and Iraq who close the survey.

While Canada has achieved an excellent position in the ranking still has much work to do and some weaknesses in which it has to work, the absence or lack of names internationally recognized in relation to "marks" or "large Canadian companies "It is one of them.

Similarly in the cultural aspect, the survey found that this country it is not recognized as a major contribution to global culture.

The survey began in the year 2010; Canada has claimed the top spot four times, it lost his place only last year (2014) on which occasion won the second position being Switzerland the first place.

Other important results of the assessment of this year placed the United States in the position number 22, China number 44 and Japan at number 14.

It is estimated that this year the United States got a better position due to the positive assessment given by the Obama administration, as well as to the friendly attitude to the environment that it has established in the design and creation of new businesses.