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"Trace" the new tool in the theft prevention.

A new technology has been launched and will be used across Canada with the intention of reduce crime rates; discourage theft crimes to property, as well as the purchase and sale of stolen goods.

The police chiefs of Ontario announced the use of a new tool against crime, is a technological pencil called "Trace".

Trace is a pen-shaped device, a single unit can make up to 50 different items or objects, the most popular use is on the surface of electronic items such as televisions, computers, blue ray, cell phones, cameras, DVD, tables, etc.

Trace is an anti-theft device that leaves a mark of invisible ink through microscopic grains of synthetic plastic, thereby allowing basically record a unique PIN number on items that have been used. It's like the DNA of your property, which can only be seen with the use of black light.

Once the items have been marked by the pen, their users must register on the Web site of Trace.

For maximum effectiveness it is recommended that users upload photos of your products, as well as the serial numbers and descriptions of the items.

The pen can be purchased at any hardware store or even online, its average price is 39.99 and the kit includes a sticker that can be placed at the door or window of the main entrance of your home in order to warn criminals that valuables have been identified and labeled by Trace.

Recent reports said that just last year the police registered more than one million cases of property crimes, which is why the agency has decided to extend the use of this product which has been widely used by owners and dealers vehicles in the province of Quebec.

Trace has been created as a tool in crime prevention; its main purpose is to deter thieves from theft of homes in order to sell stolen items to "Pawn Shops". That’s why the police have been trying to encourage the massive equipment of black lights in those establishments to easily identify items marked by pencil Trace.

Police were enthusiastic and optimistic to be able to return stolen items to the victims of the crime.