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Prost!!! Did you know that Oktoberfest in Bmo Center Calgary is coming?

Hurry up!!! On September 26 and 27 the Calgary Oktoberfest will be celebrate. This annual event will bring the authentic Bavarian style, including Bavarian Beer, Food, Eateries, Music, Restaurants, Games, Alive Bands, Tradition and Community.

But pay attention because not only “German Beers” will be present on the exposition, also all breweries from “South Alberta” will be here, to show you the best of their breweries selections.

History Event: October 12 1810 Munich. The first official Oktoberfest was the wedding between the Crow Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria and the Princess Therese of Saxony Hilburghausen. The Prince threw a huge party that was open to everyone. Since everyone like it so much, the Prince decided to throw a party every year.

Nowadays the Official Munich Oktoberfest is now attended by more than 6 million people annually, and the concept has been adopted around the globe to over a dozen other countries.

The Oktoberfest was moved from October to September because the warm nights of September were more ideal for throwing large parties. (Also the cooler nights in October allowed for the beer brewing process to begin).

Please be aware that we are not trying to bad influence you or encourage you to do something wrong with this invitation actually we would like to show you all the positive sides of this festival , not only in personal terms, also in terms of benefits for our Calgary Community.

Let’s starts with this simple tip. Did you know that Beer has fewer calories than Wine? For example in a typical measure of 250 ml, Beer contains 102 calories while Wine has 192 calories.

Recent studies demonstrate that: “moderate beer drinkers” have substantially reduced risk of coronary heart disease compared to non-drinkers or heavy drinkers, they also have a lower risk developing gallstones or late onset diabetes, due beer is a source of dietary silicon which against osteoporosis.

BMO Beer Festival also has great “Green Initiatives”, one of their commitments is to reduce to a minimum the carbon footprint, the event will be powered with 100% wind energy, and all of the paper products are printed and created on recycled sustainably sourced materials.

Reusable collector mugs will be offered, which reduce garbage intake by upward of 95%.

The event does the very best to promote local business, and help the provincial economy, and even support more than 25 charities in Alberta.

Has you can see Oktoberfest in Calgary do not just offers you fun, now if you just want to have it, don’t lose the chance to download the free apps, to your IPhone or Androids device. The one what allows you to take pictures of your favorite beers, post your favorite photos, keep in contact with new friends at the festival, provides Interactive Maps, and so much more.

Tickets are already on sale, advance or on line purchased adult ticket for 19.00 dollars; price at the door will be 25.00 dollars. And the week End pass will cost 30.00 dollars.

Enjoy the Festival and don’t forget to dance the Chicken Dance!!!