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"Nigerian terrorist leader Said:" Western education must stop and girls should leave school".

International commotion caused a mass kidnapping of more than 200 girls aged 12-15 years from a public school in Chibok , Borno State in northeastern Nigeria.

Nigeria is a Muslim majority country in the north and predominantly Christian in the south. It has a population estimated of 170 million people comprising over 200 tribal groups, now days is the most populous country in Africa, which suffers multiple conflicts regarding their deep political, socio-economic , religious and territorial differences.

"Boko Haram”, which name in local language, means” Non- Islamic Education is a Sin” is a terrorist group, and who have been proclaimed the authorship of kidnapping of the girls, by a video starring for their own leader.

This revolutionary fundamentalist group whose members believe they have been sent by God to establish a “Muslim Theocracy State in Nigeria " , claims that Western education must stop and that girls should leave school and get married.

To honor this ideal is that a group of at least 50 armed and uniformed men broke during the night of April 14, 2014 in the school bedrooms; they introduced themselves as soldiers in a rescue mission for which all students were request to meet outside.

Thereupon the guerrillas seized all school food and then set fire to the premises.

Once outside, the men began shouting "Allah Akbar " meaning " God is Great " , at which time the young students unfortunately found that the men " were not soldiers " they were definitely " members of extremist group Islamic " .

The teenagers were violently taken in trucks to the thick forest, where they remain unaccounted for till today.

A teenager who escaped the abduction told the newspaper: The Trent that she had been given away to one of the terrorist leaders as a wife because she was a virgin.

In an anonymous and chilling tale, she said that the abducted girls were raped up to 15 times per day, forced to convert to Islam and cut their throats if they didn’t converted.

Upon contact with one of the leaders of the band, it has also been reported that at least two of them have died from snake bites, and 20 others are sick.

The last threat warned that young girls will be treated as "slaves” and subjected to marriages "by force “, also sold as brides on the border with Chad and Cameroon for an estimated amount of $ 12 each.

The extremist Islamic insurgency in Nigeria, has killed more than 1,500 people so far this year, and is estimated that about 3,000 people from the year 2009.

Currently the International United Nations (UN) has emphasized the importance of ensuring the education and safety of schools worldwide.

Also the governments of England, America, Canada, Australia, France, China and Israel have expressed concern about the whereabouts of the missing students, and offered military, logistical and technological assistance in order to find and rescue the victims of kidnapping.