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The shocking: "Last Testament Documentary" of George Harrison ex The Beatles.

What would happens if while you are reading this article, you realize that Paul McCartney- the famous musician from Liverpool - died in a car accident in November 1966?

And also that Paul McCartney is known till today is a British Intelligence Service Product?

Well, you can watch this amazing statement in "The Last Testament of George Harrison".

The documentary is based on three mini tapes received by Studios Highway 61 Entertainment in July 2005 in California.

A man who claims to be George Harrison recorded these tapes. He also states that he was recovering at the Royal Berkshire Hospital the Reading England after the attack of one of his fans (Michael Abraham). This event took place in his house of Henley on Thames in London on 30th of December 1999.

In those records George Harrison tells us an interesting story from the forming of the band, when they named themselves as " The Quarrymen", and until their legendary years in Hamburg and their global success as " The Beatles".

George says that Paul McCartney’s death took place on one rainy morning around 5 am after a few arguments between Paul and John about new songs’ lyrics. After many disagreements Paul took off from the Abbey Road Studios, in his car - the white Healy.

This is when the "Complot Begins", as right after Paul left a man in the uniform, who introduced himself as "Maxwell" from the British intelligent service, then he went to the studio to inform them about Paul McCartney death, and asked the rest of the band to accompany him in order to identify Paul McCartney dead body.

There was also a young woman named Rita who was wearing a light blue dress and crying inconsolably under the rain. She said she was walking on the sidewalk of the road, when Paul offered to her to give a lift. When she was inside of the car she realized that it was Paul McCartney the famous Beatle. And as his big fan she started kissing and hugging him and that is when Paul lost control of his vehicle, causing a huge collision.

As a result, Paul was trapped inside of his car, but she managed to find her way out. Right away she went to look for help, but unfortunately when she returned, the car exploded and Paul was decapitated (beheaded).

According the musicians there was no doubt about the car and the death body belonged to Paul. After the painful body recognition, the band was taken into MI5 secret refuge, and after two days in this place Maxwell offered them the biggest complot ever-he suggested to replace Paul.

Maxwell offered them to create a double from someone with similar features improved by the intervention of the expert cosmetic surgeons in their secret laboratories. He justified this plan with the primary objective to avoid collective suicides around the world due to the popularity of the band. Maxwell made them swear not to reveal the secrecy because according to MI5 the punishments for disclosing the deal will be execution.

After this agreement, The American Teen Magazine "Tiger Beat ", held a contest named "The Double of Paul McCartney". However, the winner was never announced but his name was William Campbell.

After several cosmetic interventions, speech therapy, and musical training he became the famous "FAUL", the new name of False Paul. Meanwhile, the band members tried to be faithful and loyal to their fans and therefore they agreed to leave clues about what really happened in the lyrics of their songs as in the album art and in the tracks from this documentary.

This production offers a visual journey with hundreds of photos and images of famous artists, provides details and information regarding some alleged intimidating attacks committed against members of the band, as well as their respective partners.

Finally, although the tapes have tried to be authenticated for 5 years, with the participation of three different laboratories, the results of the tests have been inconclusive. Nevertheless, this hour and thirty-seven minutes story is a remarkable piece about an amazing historical event in the history of rock and roll.

If you want to watch the full documentary please click in the followin link.