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Did you know that Costa Rica will be the first country in the world to close its Zoos?

Costa Rica is one of the smallest countries in the world, it is located in Central America, and only has a territory of 51,100 km2. Now, They will be the first country in the world to close its Zoos and realease all their animals into the wild life.

Borders to the north with Nicaragua, to the east with Panama and to the southeast with the Pacific Ocean, its territory occupies only 0.03% of the total of the globe, but its great biodiversity and its lush forests make it an incredible home for more than 500 thousand organisms .

Recently the country has received great media attention, because it has announced that it will close its Zoos in order to protect and safeguard animal life.

The great news has been applauded by thousands of people around the globe, who defend the protection of animal life on our planet.

They announced that most of the animals will be relocated to the country's natural reserves and those that are in the most vulnerable situations will be sent to different sanctuaries and rescue centers.

This means that more than 500 thousand birds, mammals, reptiles and insects will finally have a better quality of life, which may lead to a healthier environment for their conservation and reproduction.

An important element in making this decision was the approval of a new legislature that seeks to protect animals in captivity.

This law was promoted thanks to the “pro-animal” movements that have been generated around the world.

Other countries that have joined animal protection are: Hungary, Chile and India where dolphin exploitation or chimpanzee captivity has been officially banned.

Without a doubt, all these movements and new laws are offering a better panorama for wildlife, and just as several countries have already joined the cause, it is expected that little by little other countries will take it as an example and start to take measures to protect animals from all over the rest of the world.