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Did you know that physicians in Alberta write prescriptions that prescribe exercise ?

Did you know that Canadian doctors are increasingly giving exercise prescriptions to prevent and treat a number of diseases.

A recently published study showed that physicians during one year, gave "Prescriptions to be put in physical activity", including categories of verification of intensity, duration and type of physical activity, to patients who consider healthy but who are at risk of obesity and chronic diseases.

Following this line is that the doctors in Leduc, Alta, realized the authoritarian impact on patients after the prescription of a doctor.

The study showed that more than 200 people have accepted the recommendations and were enrolled in a sports or recreational center in the city, which offers a free one-month membership as part of the program.

Of those who signed up for free during the month, almost 30% continued with long-term memberships.

Other patients for their part choose to get in shape by themselves.

The initiative was inspired by researchers from New Zealand. who since 2003, have published studies in medical journals that show how medical prescriptions for exercise in that country can increase physical activity in adults by 10% for at least a year.

In our case the participants in Alberta spend some time with a practicing specialist, who accustoms them to the facilities and their equipment and helps reduce the barriers to activation.

At the Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto, doctors have found that people living with heart disease and exercising regularly are 50% less likely to die than patients with heart problems who do not exercise.

In this regard, Dr. Paul Ohs, medical director of the cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation program, expressed: "We believe that exercise is a positive contribution for brain health, for heart health, for cancer, for arthritis, etc. benefits are very large. "

For an exercise prescription to be a success, physicians must spend a few minutes advising patients, setting goals and an action plan, something they recognized that doctors are not well trained to do at the moment, subject in which they find themselves. actively working

He said there is a movement under way to train doctors to be better prescribers and advocates of exercise.

To make this process successful, you must also counteract the support and responsibility provided by the entire health care team, including physicians, nurse practitioners, dietitians, exercise rehabilitation supervisors, laboratory technicians, a psychologist and a social worker.

Taking into consideration that the most recurrent new year resolution in the population is losing weight or re-integrating physical activity into our routines, it seems that this is a very effective method to achieve this precious goal.