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Who is Donald John Trump?

After the recent presidential elections in our neighbouring country, we refer to the presidential election held on November 8, 2016, Mr. "Donald John Trump", leaded the suffrage so he will assume the position of 45th President of the United States of America.

An election that, like never before, attracted the attention of the entire world and left no one indifferent, because it would have been practically impossible not to know, read, see or hear any of his statements, expressed during his extensive campaign.

Trump, who has recently been defined as an entrepreneur, politician, television personality, celebrity and writer, was born on June 14, 1946 in the New York, Queens neighbourhood, Presbyterian - Protestant, son of a Scottish immigrant mother, and father of German descent.

Attended the Military Academy in New York and later at Fordham University in the Bronx, then continued his studies at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, where he conducted Real Estate studies and a Bachelor's degree in Economics.

But beyond his school and professional background we must not forget a really precious detail, he is the son and heir of a wealthy real estate developer in New York.

Some say that from a very young age he expressed his interest in becoming the President of the United States, but that as a good businessman he waited until the perfect opportunity showed up to dedicate himself to politics.

His recent career towards the White House was characterized from the beginning by a great media attention at national and international level due to the unstoppable succession of : controversial, antidemocratic, racist, anti-Semitic, misogynist, xenophobic and politically incorrect statements.

Among them, and among the most striking are:

- The proposed construction of a wall along the border with Mexico, (construction to be financed by that country), along with a tough policy against illegal immigration.

-The questioning of the "nationality and religion" of former President Barack Obama, as well as his intellectual ability due his studies in the Harvard Law School.

-The mockery and gestures against a journalist with a disability.

- Demining references towards the feminine sex, whom he denominate with stronger adjectives as: "bitches and stupids".

- His statements in which he called: "pig" to the Ex Miss Universe: Alicia Machado, and like: "Miss Housekeeping", to this same lady due to her Hispanic origins, not forgetting that he referred to the Mexican community calling them : "Corrupt, delinquent and rapist."

- It has been repeatedly expressed against the scientific consensus, stating that there is no evidence linking vaccination with the development of autism.

-He has also promoted arguments denying the existence of man-made climate change, saying that global warming is a "deception", and that it is a concept created by and for the Chinese, aimed at reducing the competitiveness of the US manufacturing sector.

- In order to end the proposal for a temporary ban on the entry of Muslims into the United States.

That is why it is very difficult to understand or accept that in an "ERA" in which it seemed that political leaders and that the influential personalities of around the world had been democratized, characterized by being: real, close, diplomatic and peaceful, an example of this It could be: "Pope Francisco" and his unifying message to the world, Also "Uruguay's former President Pepe Mujica" and his policies to help the poor population, and of course our empathic national leader: "Justin Trudeau".

For this reason, and even though than more of 59 million people voted for him, it is unacceptable that a person of this nature could be the new President of the United States.

After the elections, citizen protests were not long in coming, and for several days in different cities in the United States, street marches were organized with banners and allusive shouts, highlighting the phrase: "You are not my President."

A really interesting fact is that on the day of the presidential elections the Canadian citizenship and immigration website collapses, because there were too many people checking the site at the same time, trying to review an alternative migration to our country, for that reason the web site collapsed for over an hour and a half.

Without having anything personal against Mr. Donald J, Trump, beyond the simple fact of having common sense and thinking that this is not worthy of his new position, and of course not trustworthy enough to have access to the nuclear power of the United States.

I definitely believe that when we referring to him, we must call him a: businessman, because a leader, artist or creator is definitely not, example of it is that I use the slogan: "Let's Make America Big Again", being that this slogan was created and used by Former President Ronald Reagan in 1980.

It seems that creativity is not something that works very well among the members of his family, because his current wife Melania Trump, also lacking of creativity and vision, used part of Michelle Obama's speech in a public presentation.

Even so the famous businessman who boasts of having created his empire thanks to the loan of one million dollars granted by his father, currently has a net fortune of 4.1 billion dollars, according to the calculation made by Forbes magazine of the year 2015.

During that same year in June 2015, Business Insider magazine published a financial statement supplied by Trump himself, dated June 30, 2014. According to this document, his fortune is 8.7 billion dollars. Of that amount, 3.3 billion correspond to "Business Licensing of Real Estate, Brands and Brand-Based Developments" described by Business Insider as "basically (implying) that Trump values ​​its character at 3.3 billion dollars."

Independent of the amount of dollars in which he is evaluated his fortune, the businessman in the field of construction, hotel, casinos beauty pageant organization, former owner of a sports soccer team, former owner of an airline, co - author of Why we want you to be rich, and owner of some of the most important and elegant buildings in New York City, you should not forget that he has declared bankruptcy four times.

For that reason, then I wonder if it will be possible to say that it is as good for business as he says ?.

The three times married, and twice divorced Trump, married for the first time in April 1977, with Ivana Zelníčková, a professional skier from the Czech Republic, with whom she had 3 children, then in 1993 she married Marla Maples with whom she had a daughter , to finish the 22 of January of 2005 when it married the model Melania Knauss, born in Slovenia, with whom he had a son, at the moment the new President, has eight grandchildren and even a star with its name in the Wall of the fame street of Hollywood.

Although since his election to date has not made inflammatory statements again, has already announced the measures for its first hundred days of government and among them, the most important: is the cancellation of the agreement: 'TPP' (Transpacific Partnership Agreement). Which will be replaced by bilateral treaties, negotiated between specific countries.

However it is clear that this just begins, personally I think now more than ever we will have to entrust to the popular phrase: "God Bless America" ​, because with a character like the aforementioned in command, surely we are going to need it.